Happy New Year

Its that time of the year where i give you unsolicited advice. At times i get preachy hey but i guess its OK. I only need 1 person to get helped! 2020 has ben tough on everyone including our DWs especially those who stuck with us through covid. Today i have a few points that may help someone.

* Holidays are meant for everyone including your employees. Do not say i need you over the holidays i need to rest. They also feel the same way. Give your usual Dws a break and if you need help get part time help.

*Let the holiday be meaningful especially for those that travel once in a while. From around 20 Dec to 2 Jan 2021 would be ideal. Do not let them come back a day before you return to work, its unsafe lol!

*If you can afford it ,a bonus or a thank you will go a long way . They also see the good you do for them.

* This is not the best time to fire your DWs as the market is so tight and it is even worse in January. Better the devil you know than starting another headache .

* Please pay your Dws before the holidays not after. Do not use salary as leverage, its inhuman. Nothing is painful as spending the holidays with your kids broke. * Do not look for a new Dw shortly before the holidays, they also want to ‘go’ for xmas.

* Unless you are certain, do not engage someone new before the holidays to start work after the holidays. The holiday is long enough to change their minds. * Never think you can not survive without a DW, actually you can, try it.

* If you where paying your DWs peanuts, did not let them rest, emotionally abused them and was generally a bad boss, be worried about 2 Jan 2021, very worried. Lastly have Plan B , Plan C and Plan Z. Even if your regular says they will come back , just have plan Z in place otherwise it will end in tears.

Keep our number close in Jan especially Jan 2 evening, you might need it.