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What we do

Recruitment of maids

Recruitment of maids. We recruit maids for placement in homes. To register with us , we need:
Copy of ID, Proof of Residence , Reference Letters, Experience is a must. Registration is done at our offices where one also undergoes Induction Training

Placement of domestic workers

We place fulltime and partime maids and gardeners. For us to help you, we require you to provide us with your specifications and we will try to match them as much as possible.

Training in Domestic Work

Training in Domestic Work. We provide on-the-job and off-the-job training for domestic workers. We occasionally do group trainings for domestic workers. Constantly check with us to find out when we will be holding our next session

Weekly Cleaning Services

For those that do not need fulltime help, we also provide weekly services. You let us know when and where you would want a maid or a gardener and we will arrange one for you. You can someone coming even twice a week all depending on your needs. We allocate one person to your home through out and if you need to change you let us know.

Domestic Services Consultancy

We also offer advice with regards to domestic work. If you need someone to talk or counsel your domestic workers , we are available. We also offer group trainings to employers on domestic work. Anything to do with domestic work , we assist

Sell of Domestic Work Uniform

We sell a number of domestic work uniforms for your workers. We also take special and custom orders if need be. We also sell literature on domestic work. If you need any specific domestic cleaning detergents, we also assist you get some.

Cleaning Services

We also provide cleaning help for:
Events, Offices, churches, schools etc, Spring Cleaning, Moving In and Out, Any time that you need extra hands

Our Hiring Process


Thank you for deciding to use our services.  In order to help you to our best of abilities,  we require you to send us your specifications.  Eg. Wanted is a mature 30+ year old female with at least 5 years experience as a maid. She must be English speaking and willing to take a stay in position in Borrowdale.  Experience with Diplomats an added advantage. Salary 200usd.

We will also send you our form to fully understand your needs.

Maid Matching

We will match your requirements with our database or advertise your requirements.  At least 3 candidates will be shortlisted for you and interviews arranged.


Once you are satisfied with the interviews ,you then advise us of your choice. We will then arrange for the final placement including all the necessary help you  need be it contracts, uniforms  and or the Maids Manual Book.

You don’t have to come home to a second job!

Let us deal with life’s little messes so you can attend happily to your work, your relationships, and improving your quality of life.

who we are

Chris and Geo was formed with the family in mind. It is an organization that aims at bridging the gap between domestic helpers and families. Domestic helpers have always been there since biblical times as evidenced in the story of Moses and Miriam.

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